Exploring Procedures Performed At Emergency Care Clinics

Exploring Procedures Performed At Emergency Care Clinics

  • What Are Some Important Skills Learned In First Responder Training?

    Before you enroll in classes at a first responder training center, you might be wondering what types of skills you can expect to learn. Here are some of the skills that you will improve in during your course. Scene Assessment Before you begin to provide medical care to someone, you need to make sure that the scene is safe for yourself and your intended patient. Things like flooding, live wires, or threats from another person could affect how you provide care.

  • What To Do If Your Child Puts Something Up Their Nose

    If you have a small child who placed something inside their nose and they cannot get it back out, you will want to quickly work at having it removed. Toddler-aged children are often curious and will place items such as peas, raisins, small pieces of candy, beads, craft pom-poms, or small pebbles inside their nose. Sometimes small children do this and then do not tell anyone in fear they will be reprimanded. Here are some symptoms that may signify something was pushed up into your child's nasal cavity and what you can do to remove it safely.

  • What You Need To Know About Going To An Urgent Care While Traveling

    Many people get sick while traveling. In fact, just because you are traveling doesn't mean that you are immune to problems. This is why it is important that you know what an urgent care center can and cannot do. Here are a couple things you should know. 1. An Urgent Care Center Cannot Refill An Existing Prescription If you take a certain medication for an existing problem, there is little chance that you can get that refilled at an urgent care.

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    Exploring Procedures Performed At Emergency Care Clinics

    Hi there, I am Amy Soozles. When I was pregnant with my first child, I suffered from frequent nausea and vomiting that far surpassed the severity of morning sickness. In fact, I was so ill that I would become critically dehydrated within a few days of vomiting. As a result, I had to go into the emergency care center on a regular basis for IV fluids. My doctor set up walk in appointments with that clinic to keep me out of the main hospital. The emergency clinic set up the IV and allowed me to rest until my body was filled back up with fluids. I will use this site to explore other procedures performed at these lifesaving centers. I hope you will come by often to learn about these awesome facilities. Thanks.